Troubleshooting Common Pool Maintenance Issues in Florida: How to Identify and Solve Problems

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If you have a pool on your property, keeping it in optimal condition requires regular maintenance. But it’s not always easy to know when your pool is showing signs of trouble.

To keep your Florida pool healthy and swim-ready, it’s essential to know how to identify common pool maintenance issues, what you can do to solve them, and when it’s time to contact a professional.

What Can You Do for Uneven Pool Floors? 

If you notice that the floor of your pool is uneven, the cause probably has more to do with the soil than the pool itself. Especially in Florida, where the soil is loose and mixed with sand, the ground underneath your pool can shift. This will cause it to heave, and if the condition isn’t alleviated, the floor of your pool may crack.

This condition is usually caused by too much moisture in the soil. Have a pool maintenance service check for swimming pool leaks. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to hire a contractor to install support piers for the pool. An effective method for preventing this problem is to build a retaining wall around the pool.

Keep an Eye Out for Sinkholes

Most people have seen news stories about enormous sinkholes forming in coastal areas. While sinkholes are common in Florida, they are rarely as large or destructive as those seen on the news. A small sinkhole might form under your swimming pool or close enough to the pool to cause problems. 

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection can help you deal with a sinkhole on your property. Before calling the agency, make sure a sinkhole really is your problem. Soil erosion is a natural effect that can seem like a sinkhole.

Cracking Pool Decks Require Extensive Pool Maintenance

Shifting soil is also responsible for cracks in your pool’s deck. Alternatively, the roots of a nearby tree may push against the deck or heave it. In either case, address the underlying cause of the cracks since resolving the problem can help you prevent damage to your swimming pool.

In repairing a pool deck, you will need to hire a general contractor to appropriately fill the cracks. If your deck has multiple cracks, you might need to replace part or all of the deck. Make sure to address this problem as soon as possible, as a cracked deck represents a slip-and-fall hazard.

Neglecting Pool Maintenance Can Lead to Smelly or Cloudy Water

If your pool water has an unpleasant odor or an odd discoloration, the cause may be the result of algae growth on the pool’s surface. 

The Florida heat and sunshine combined with the water in your pool provide an ideal breeding ground for algae growth. Regular pool cleaning and a functional filtration system are usually enough to prevent algae growth.

However, if your filtration system is working properly and you have your pool cleaned regularly, yet you are still struggling with algae growth, there might be another cause for the issue. Talk with someone at your pool cleaning service company about the problem. They might recommend other steps, such as adding an algaecide to the water.

A Scratchy Pool Floor Is a Sign of a Chemical Imbalance

Unless your pool was intentionally built with a rough or bumpy surface, walking on the pool’s floor shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. 

If your toes feel sore or look bruised after spending time in the water, the cause might be too much calcium buildup on the pool’s surfaces. This usually happens when there’s an imbalance of chemicals in the water.

Use this as an opportunity to test the pool water. Check the pH balance to make sure the acidity level is within a reasonable range. The pH level should remain within the 7.2- to 7.6 range. The water’s calcium content should range from 200 to 400 ppm (parts per million). 

If you need help testing or treating the water, contact your pool maintenance company.

Watch for Skin or Eye Irritation After Swimming

If your eyes feel dry and itchy after swimming or you feel an itchy, burning sensation on your skin, the chemical concentration in the pool water might need adjusting. 

A leak or significant evaporation can affect the chemical makeup of the water. Talk to your maintenance service to determine how you can adjust the chemicals to improve water quality. 

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