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Cleaning Services for Swimming Pools

Pool Cleaning Services for South Alabama, Northern Florida, Gulf Cities, and more.

Cleaning and maintaining swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs properly is critical to the health and safety of your family and friends, as well as extending the life of your equipment. That is why going with a professional pool company like Calm Waters Pool Services® is key. We develop a cleaning plan to match the specific needs of each client. Whether your pool is brand new or well broken in, the challenges are the same. Unclean pools can cause the failure of filters and pumps. Testing the pool water regularly and balancing it with the proper pool chemicals will control bacteria and viruses. It will also control algae growth. Improper water balance can lead to ear, nose, and throat infections. A foamy surface on the water suggests the build-up of lotions or soap, generating unhealthy bacteria. This, too, can be corrected by adding the proper pool chemicals and balance to the pool water.

Our Pool Water Cleaning & Care Services

Calm Waters’ approach to pool care is comprehensive to ensure proper cleaning:

Pool Inspection

All new clients start with a thorough pool or spa inspection. We will check the deck surface, coping, and interior tile for its integrity and general condition. We will inspect pumps and motors, filters, skimmers, and valves. The condition of heaters will be assessed, as well as electrical systems and lighting inside the pool or spa.

Pool Cleaning & Equipment Service

We will generally clean large filters, perform minor repairs and check for any pool leak or water leakage. Finally, we assess the water chemistry. If we find any part of your equipment in need of repair or replacement, we will provide a detailed summary and costs associated with the work required. For your system to function efficiently, repairs and water balance must be addressed before beginning weekly service calls.

We are conveniently located in Gulf Breeze, FL, and proudly serve the Gulf Coast communities, including South Alabama, Northern Florida, Gulf Cities, and beyond.

Pool Care and Maintenance Plans

We provide several maintenance options for pools, spas, and hot tubs. Some of the weekly pool cleaning services include skimming the water surface of debris, brushing pool tile at the water line and flat surfaces, cleaning pool skimmer and pump baskets, emptying automatic pool cleaner baskets, performing a water analysis for alkalinity, pH levels, and free chlorine, adjust chemicals to balance the water and perform a review of the entire system looking for potential repair needs.

After each swimming pool cleaning service call, your technician will provide an electronic message outlining work performed as well as any equipment that is not operating optimally. We will maintain a record of the pool cleaning & maintenance services we deliver to each client and alert our technicians to review specific pool equipment we monitor as part of our preventive care process. At the end of each month, an invoice will be sent where you can pay electronically, or we will debit a credit card we have on file. Calm Waters pool service is your single source for pool, spa, and hot tub management.

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Our service areas include South Alabama, Northern Florida, Gulf Cities, and more. See a list of all locations we service.

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