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Serving South Alabama, Northern Florida, Gulf Cities, and more.

To keep your pool clean and healthy, Calm Waters Pool Services® recommends following a regular pool cleaning program. After a thorough inspection, we will create a customized program for each client. We will also check your pool equipment on each visit for water leaks and equipment that may need repair or replacement. Occasionally you may experience other issues needing attention. Some of these include:

Salt System Installations

All pools use chlorine. Saltwater systems generate chlorine through a natural process by converting salt to chlorine. These systems will save money over time and are a healthy alternative.

Hayward SwimPure Plus Salt Chlorinator on White Background
Salt Systems will reduce the amount of chlorine needed for your pool and prevent irritation to hair, skin and eyes.

Salt Cell Cleaning

Occasionally your salt chlorine generator will require cleaning. We can perform the process at appropriate time intervals helping to extend the life of the system.

Salt Cell Cleaning
Salt cells should be cleaned a maximum of 2-3 times per year. It’s best to minimize how often salt cells are cleaned, as chemical cleaning reduces its lifespan.

Pool Automation

Pool automation has become an important part of pool ownership. We can connect your pool equipment to a central hub and pair it with your Wi-Fi. You download a mobile app which allows you to instantly check the operating efficiency of your equipment.

Pool Automation Control
3D rendering of a modern villa with pool controlled by a smartphone from the outside

Acid Washing

Pool acid washing is a process where hydrochloric acid is mixed with water and sprayed all over a drained pool to remove grime and other corrosive build-up. While the surface is wet a stiff brush is used to completely clean the pool interior.

Pool Acid Washing
A pool technician is cleaning the tiled floor of a swimming pool.

Spring Start Up / One Time Cleaning

One time cleaning services including Spring startup are available. Cost may vary based on pool condition, time, and chemicals needed:

Green Pool Clean Up

Maintenance (3-4 cleanings), water balance and chemicals included

Green Pool Cleaning
Equipment for testing the quality of pool water and cleaning a pool
One Time Clean & Balance

1 cleaning, water balance and chemicals included

One-Time Pool Cleaning Balance
Back Yard With Two Lounge Recliner Chairs And Swimming Pool With Waterfall

Algae Growth

Eliminating Black Algae

This is a two-step process. The pool water pH should be 7.4-7.6 and the alkalinity to within 80-120 ppm. Second, brush all spots with a wire algae brush or a nylon brush for painted pools.

Pool Algae Removal
Poorly maintained swimming pool overgrown with green algae
Eliminating Green Algae

Algae growing over larger sections of the pool or suspended in the water will require a chlorine pool shock (granular chlorine) to kill the algae.

Eliminating Mustard Algae

At dusk add calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite to the water. Leave your filter and pump running continuously for 24 hours or until the mustard is gone.

Filter / Cartridge Cleaning

We recommend cleaning every three months. This will extend the life of your filters and deliver better filtration and water flow.

Filter on White Background
Regular filter cleaning will extend the life of your equipment.

Sand Filter Maintenance

Sand should be replaced every 3-5 years. This may be longer if your pool stays clear, or shorter if the filter runs continuously. Sand has jagged edges that wear down and become smooth as the sand ages.

Pool Sand Filter Maintenance
Sand filtration systems are a very effective way to maintain water purity by eliminating dirt dust and debris


Backwashing should be done every 4-6 weeks to ensure your pool water is clear.

Pool Equipment Next to Brick Building
Backwashing filters regularly will provide a clean and healthy pool.

Phosphate Treatments

Phosphates are a type of organic chemical derived from phosphoric acid. They are found in skin and hair products, leaves and pool chemicals. These become algae food sources. We generally add aluminum salts or lanthanum to the water. This produces insoluble compounds which are removed through filtration and vacuuming.

Hands in Yellow Gloves Pouring Pool Chemicals
Phosphate treatments are typically salts of aluminum or lanthanum which, when added to water, produce insoluble phosphate compounds which are removed through filtration, vacuuming or both.

Enzyme Treatments

Enzymes should be added regularly in addition to sanitizer and water balancing. The dosage amount and product used is part of a customized maintenance program.

Pool Enzyme Treatment Equipment on White Background
Enzyme treatments can be used in pools to help reduce scum and prevent unattractive foaming.

Pool Light Repair

When lights need replacing, we recommend converting regular lights to LED. This will significantly reduce energy consumption, deliver a much longer lifespan, deliver deeper brighter colors, and require less maintenance than standard lights.

Pool Light Repair
Men working together to repair an outdoor light fixture.

Pool Inspections

Pool inspections are very important when you purchase a new home with a pool/spa. We will check all of your equipment and plumbing and give you a detailed list of items that require repair or replacement. We will look at each component to make certain they can support the size of your pool. We will go over the entire system with you so you understand warning signs that reflect a potential failure. Pool inspections can save you money by repairing items before they fail.

Woman conducting a Pool Inspection with Clipboard
Our dedicated technicians have extensive experience preventing system failures.

Pool School

For new pool owners or newly installed pools our technician will come to your home and provide training and education about all plumbing and equipment functions. We will provide a check list of what needs to be checked regularly and educate you about how each component works within your entire system.

Girl Jumping into Swimming Pool
Helping every client understand how their equipment works and warning signs of potential system failures is very important to us.

Equipment Upgrades

Pool technology continues to evolve. Pools with traditional pumps may require 8-10 times more energy than variable speed pumps. Electronic sanitizer systems can keep track of multiple equipment functions helping you to understand how clean your water is and make adjustments to improve water quality. Ultraviolet light systems can eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria and significantly reduce chlorine requirements. If your pool is over 10 years old you should have a Calm Waters technician check your equipment and find out how we can improve the health, safety, and cost of operating your pool or spa.

Pool Equipment on White Background
If you have an older pool ask us to review your equipment and make suggestions about how we can improve the efficiency of your equipment.

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