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Pool ownership might be outside the norm everywhere else in the country. But in Foley, Alabama, it’s the norm. That’s why Foley residents need an in-ground pool and spa service company they can trust to keep their pool clean and safe so it’s always ready to go when they are.

That’s where Calm Waters Pool Services comes in. Our pool technicians know everything it takes to keep your pool pristine. Under our supervision, everything from the water to the equipment is cared for and well-managed. Regardless of what kind or size of pool or spa you have on your property, you can rely on us to treat it right.

Our comprehensive cleaning services ensure that every aspect of your pool stays clean, not just the water. Calm Waters Pool Services will also be there whenever you need repairs or maintenance on your equipment, and we can even help you update your pool with new installations. Whatever your needs are, Calm Waters Pool Services covers your Foley, Alabama, residential pool needs.

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Why Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Are Important

It might seem like pool cleaning and maintenance is important just because you want everything to look nice. But the truth goes much deeper than that. You want to maintain your pool for many reasons, not so that you can have the clearest water in the neighborhood (although that’s a nice bonus). Here are some often overlooked benefits to keeping your pool healthy with Calm Waters Pool Services.

Save Money on Costly Repairs

Pools are notoriously expensive, and while that cost is worth it to many homeowners, you can spend only what you need to. Repair costs can add up, and when you don’t have routine maintenance and cleanings, you’ll likely find your equipment needs repairs more often. 

Save yourself the expense and the hassle of repairs and replacements with your friendly neighborhood pool service company, Calm Waters Pool Services!

Keep Friends, Family, and Yourself Healthy

It doesn’t take much for pool water to become contaminated. Improper chemical concentrations, debris from storms, or unwanted bacterial and algae growth can all negatively affect the swimming experience. Aside from skin and eye irritation, those who are allergic to these chemicals or organisms could experience even more challenging symptoms.

Clean, properly balanced water is essential to keeping your pool — and those who swim in it — healthy.

More Value From Your Investment

A pool is a significant home investment, so it only makes sense that you want to take good care of it to keep it at peak value. A clean, efficient pool is also something that many prospective homeowners have an interest in, so you should prioritize maintenance and cleaning if you plan to sell anytime soon.

Top Services

We’ve mentioned that we have a full-service approach to pool cleaning and maintenance. But what does that look like, exactly? Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from our team and why many Foley, Alabama, residents call Calm Waters before they call anyone else.

Pool Cleaning

Clean water is essential if you want a pool that looks great. Maintaining clean water is also important to ensure your pool functions properly. We have the skills, tools, and experience to provide the most complete approach to pool cleaning in the Foley, Alabama, area. 

Pool skimming is something you likely already handle yourself, but it can be tedious. Let us take care of it! Our cleaning services also involve surface brushing to ensure no algae or mildew is growing on the walls of your pool. This helps keep the water and the swimmers nice and hygienic.

Another primary cleaning task is vacuuming the pool floor. Dirt and debris often fall to the bottom, and taking the time and energy to remove them is crucial, but it’s not something you always have the time or energy to do. Our high-quality equipment makes vacuuming a breeze, leaving every inch of your pool debris-free and clean as can be!

Pool Equipment Replacements and Repairs

We’ll often inspect your equipment during maintenance to determine whether anything needs fixing or adjusting. We will chat with you after we go through our comprehensive checklist to develop a plan for how to proceed. You’ll inevitably need repairs or replacements during your pool’s lifespan, but having the right company take care of them for you will make or break your pool.

We’re experts with pool pumps, water filters, and pool heaters. All three pieces of equipment are essential to having a healthy pool ecosystem. We won’t hesitate to find ways to optimize this equipment. And we’ll also repair it and get it back in the best shape possible. If the equipment is too far gone, we can help you find something new and install it so it’s working at its best from the moment you buy it.

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is the best way to avoid any of the issues mentioned above. Everything from water testing to equipment inspections is par for the course when you’re a pool owner, but outsourcing your pool maintenance to Calm Waters Pool Services makes everything super simple.

One of the reasons we’re the best company to call for maintenance tasks is our specialized knowledge and experience with many types of pool equipment. Our background gives us the knowledge to quickly analyze and identify problems you might have with your swimming pool. And we can use our experience to inform solutions that will stop the problem in its tracks.

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Taking care of a swimming pool by yourself can be overwhelming. But with the help of our experts, calmer waters are on the horizon! You’ll see improvements after only one visit from our cleaning and maintenance team. Just imagine the long-term benefits of letting us handle your water and equipment care.

Reach out to the Calm Waters Pool Services team today to learn more about our services and see what our professionals can do for you!

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