Calm Waters Acid Wash Pool Service

As we continue to unearth and establish better ways to serve our clients, we offer new, innovative pool cleaning services that make keeping your pool healthy as straightforward as possible.

Our latest example is our new acid wash pool service. This service provides deep cleaning and removes stubborn stains, both critical things for a pool’s longevity.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about acid washing, why it’s so beneficial compared to other methods, and how Calm Waters makes it even better with our customized solutions and superior expertise.

Acid washing your pool involves using hydrochloric acid (sometimes called muriatic acid) to eliminate grime and buildup. The acid lifts grime off the pool’s surface and helps loosen any stains, making it easier for a professional pool cleaner to scrub the pool.

But when would you need acid washing over a standard cleaning? Because this process involves harsh chemicals, it’s certainly not something you’ll do as regularly as pool maintenance. However, it’s recommended to have it done to your pool every few years or so, depending on how much algae or scum is affecting your pool’s surfaces.

If you have any of the following issues, you should reach out to Calm Waters today to discuss the acid-washing process and see if it’s right for you:

  • Magnesium stains
  • Hard water stains or scum
  • Copper stains
  • Algae growth

If it’s been a while since your last deep cleaning or if you’ve never had an acid wash done before, it’s worth looking into.

Acid Washing and Safety Concerns

One of the reasons you should call Calm Waters to handle your acid washing is that hydrochloric acid is dangerous to use if you aren’t a professional. While acid washing is generally safe if done by the right people, it’s also essential to have a pool expert handle it to prevent damage being done to your pool.

If not done correctly, acid washing can discolor your pool’s surface and even damage it. The chemicals used to acid wash pools can also create health problems if they come in contact with your skin or are inhaled, so it’s vital that you consult with professional pool cleaners to prevent harming yourself or your pool.

Why Choose Acid Washing?

What makes acid washing so much more advantageous than traditional cleaning methods? The most notable is how much better it is at eliminating buildup and grime. 

Many pool stains can be extremely challenging to remove without heavy-duty chemicals, even for a professional. Acid washing trivializes even the most stubborn stains to keep your pool looking fresh and new.

Here are some other reasons you might want to choose acid-washing services for your pool:

  • Noticeable stains that won’t go away with other stain-removing chemicals
  • Scale buildup on surfaces or heavy scaling at the waterline
  • A dirty-looking pool, even when you keep up with cleaning and brushing

If your pool might benefit from acid washing, contact a Calm Waters pool cleaning expert to discuss the next steps!

Stain Identification

Stains are usually caused by either organic materials or metal deposits. Organic debris like leaves can sit on your pool walls and eventually stain the sides or bottom if left alone for too long. Typically, these stains are relatively easy to remove and can often be handled without professional intervention.

Metal stains, however, are a bit more problematic. The two that pool owners commonly find are copper or magnesium stains. You can tell these apart by their color. Copper stains are usually greenish-blue, while magnesium stains can be purple or black.

Copper stains often look similar to organic matter, making them slightly more challenging to identify. You might also find rust stains from iron, which are usually reddish-brown. 

You can recognize hard water stains from the cloudy water that results from the calcium deposits. They often appear around your pool’s edge and are easily removed with pool acid washing.

Regardless of how the stain looks, if you can’t get rid of it with traditional means, acid washing your pool can help.

Algae Buildup

Algae blooming in your pool is a common struggle for pool owners, but it gets much more frustrating when stains appear on your pool’s interior surface.

Pools often grow algae if the water’s pH is not balanced correctly or there needs to be more pool cleaning. Algae also loves to grow in warmer environments, so you may find it to be a bigger problem in a warm climate or during the summer.

Algae buildup is usually greenish but can also be a mustard or black color. Green algae are usually relatively easy to eliminate with algaecide. In contrast, black and mustard-colored algae are much more difficult to deal with.

With smaller algae growths, you can do a routine cleaning or use an algaecide. But that will rarely address the stains left behind from the algae. A professional pool service technician will often need to assist you with removing this buildup, and acid washing is easily one of the best ways to do this.

Our Process

Now that you understand how acid washing generally works, it’s time to learn about the Calm Waters process. While highly effective and beneficial for getting your pool sparkling clean, this service can leave pool owners with many questions.

Because we’re using potentially harmful chemicals, we make it a point to employ the proper safety measures and handle everything with the utmost care.

Here’s what you can expect from an acid-washing service from the Calm Waters cleaning team.

The Step-By-Step Acid Washing Process

Like all of our services, we start with scheduling an appointment for the cleaning. At this time, we’ll walk you through our process and discuss how we can best serve you.

We’ll begin the process once we have a good idea of what we need to accomplish. An expert cleaner will mix together the hydrochloric acid and water. Then, they’ll spray the mixture all over your pool’s surface. The acid will lift the corrosive buildup and grime, so they can easily use a stiff brush to scrub the pool’s interior.

When the cleaning is complete, our cleaners will brief you on any concerns they found and guide you through what you can expect for aftercare. We can also schedule follow-up cleanings or any other services at this point, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or book your pool maintenance in advance!

Safety and Environmental Considerations

Acid washing your pool yourself is not recommended; it’s crucial that pool owners don’t use these chemicals without the help of a professional. Our team spends lots of time learning the ins and outs of acid washing to ensure that safety is never an issue.

We’re passionate about training our cleaners and keeping them updated on new processes, so they’re always knowledgeable and careful about more delicate services like acid washing. We also have the proper protective gear and equipment to protect the cleaners.

There’s also the environmental impact of using these chemicals, which can weigh heavily on a pool owner’s mind. The acid used in these cleanings can harm the environment, even when the process is complete.

But know that at Calm Waters, we do everything possible to minimize environmental impact with eco-friendly practices. If you have any concerns about safety or environmental considerations, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss our process further.

Customized Solutions

One of the many things we pride ourselves on at Calm Waters is how much emphasis we put on customizing our services to fit each customer’s needs. Acid-washing services are no different. We’re happy to tailor this service to get the exact type of cleaning your pool needs.

We’ll discuss these needs through our consultative approach. Our cleaners listen intently to your issues to determine the best course of action. They’ll also take into account any past problems you’ve had with your pool and your current cleaning regimen to help you prevent future staining.

Calm Waters doesn’t ever take a cookie-cutter approach to our services; we’re always chatting with our customers about how we can better serve them, offering unique services and cleaning options that will benefit their specific pool. Contact us today to discuss these customized solutions and schedule an acid wash for your pool!

Do you still have some questions or concerns about acid washing? You’re not alone. It’s essential to feel like you know what’s going on with this process. We’re here to ensure you fully understand how acid washing works and why it’s so beneficial.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease and give you even more reasons to contact a Calm Waters pool cleaning professional today.

How Long Does Acid Washing Usually Take?

The length of the project will vary from pool to pool and whether the water is drained from the pool prior to the service. Acid washing usually lasts around four to five hours in an empty pool but could take about three days if you opt for a no-drain acid wash.

The Calm Waters team will always do our best to be highly efficient so you can regain access to your pool as soon as possible.

What Is Acid Washing Aftercare?

Once the acid washing is complete, the best thing you can do is maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. This schedule should include routine cleanings from the pool owner and scheduled professional cleanings. You should also keep the water chemistry in your pool balanced to avoid inviting potential stain-causing substances.

Can’t I Just DIY Acid Washing?

No, only professionals should handle acid-washing projects. Muriatic acid can be a hazardous substance if you don’t know what you’re doing. And without the proper equipment or protective clothing, this danger increases exponentially.

It’s always wisest to let an expert pool cleaner handle deep cleanings involving chemicals; acid washing is no exception.

What Is the Most Obvious Sign I Need Acid Washing?

Algae buildup is usually the most notable issue requiring acid washing. Acid washing will eliminate algae buildup and potentially help discourage future algae growth.

You’ll also want to contact a professional immediately if you notice red or pink staining, as these will be extremely difficult to remove without a heavy-duty service like acid washing.

How Often Should I Schedule an Acid Washing?

The general rule is to acid wash your pool every two to five years. A well-maintained pool can go with a professional deep clean closer to the five-year mark. But should you notice severe staining or growth on your pool’s surface, that’s another clear sign to call for an acid washing, regardless of how long it’s been between cleanings.

What Should I Do to Prevent the Need for Future Deep Cleans?

While every pool should eventually have a professional deep clean, no one wants to fight with their pool’s cleanliness or aesthetics constantly. Above all else, remember to keep up with your pool’s maintenance. This means keeping a cleaning routine and scheduling maintenance services with Calm Waters.

If you’re struggling with staining issues even after your deep cleans, chat with one of our cleaners to see if there’s something else you could be doing to help keep things cleaner.

Does The Surface of the Pool Impact How Often I Need Acid Washing?

Yes, plaster pools are more prone to discoloration and staining, so you’ll require acid washing more often. Pools with vinyl or tile surfaces will likely only need to acid wash their pools the recommended once every few years or as needed if there are noticeably stubborn stains.

Contact Calm Waters Today to Acid Wash Your Pool!

Acid washing is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get your pool water and surfaces sparkling clean again. Calm Waters makes it even better, having the proper knowledge and experience to provide the service safely and at an affordable rate.

If you’re interested in acid washing or any of our other cleaning services, we encourage you to get in touch with us. You can also quickly request a quote for any of our services and schedule one outright if you know what you need.

We can’t wait to help you see your pool in a whole new way with our professional acid-washing services, so contact us today!

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