Tips for Keeping Your Pool Water Crystal-Clear During Florida’s Summer and Fall Months

Florida pool with crystal clear water from pool cleaning in the summer

Florida’s unique climate makes it ideal for pool ownership. Many homeowners can even enjoy their pool most months of the year. However, just because it’s easy to own your pool doesn’t mean keeping it looking healthy is easy. Here are some tips from pool maintenance pros to keep your water looking beautiful throughout the summer and into the fall.

Create and Stick to a Cleaning Schedule

Any pool cleaning you do — whether on your own or with the help of a professional — should be done as part of a routine schedule. Creating this schedule ensures you can tick all your boxes and clean parts that are often missed, like the interior walls or skimmers. 

You’ll want to do some cleaning every day for maintenance, like removing big, visible debris like twigs. Other tasks like vacuuming the bottom of the pool should ideally be done twice a week minimum to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Add Algaecide

You aren’t the only one fond of Florida’s warm temps: algae loves warm, sunny weather too. And unfortunately, it also loves to latch onto swimming pools, whether on the water’s surface or the walls. Incorporating algaecide into your cleaning regimen will fight back against algae buildup that can make your water look green or murky. 

You can discuss this maintenance choice with your pool maintenance professional. Cleaners often have go-to options for mitigating algae growth and can help you find the right fit for your pool. 

Professionals also know what products to use for the job. A homeowner might think that simply shocking the pool will eliminate algae, but you’ll usually get better results by adding a cleaning service to discourage the organic matter from growing back.

Adjust Chlorine Carefully

Did you know chlorine can break down faster in direct sun? The longer summer days mean that your average chlorine levels might not make the cut. While you can use a solar blanket to keep the rays from damaging your chemicals, you’ll still want to adjust your chlorine to fit how much sun your pool is getting. If you’re unsure, this is another topic to discuss with pool cleaning pros. 

Once fall hits, you’ll probably want to take a second look at your chlorine and make more adjustments. Calling professionals can help make this a breeze, as you won’t have to do any guesswork. They’ll know exactly how to keep your pool healthy with the right balance of chemical cleaners

A balance doesn’t mean you have enough chlorine to be able to smell it. In fact, if you smell chlorine, it’s more likely that your pool is off balance. Altering chlorine levels can be tricky, so do your best to follow the instructions or guidance of professionals.

Test for Phosphates

Algaecides can effectively eliminate algae. However, algae keep coming back if enough phosphates are available to sustain them. Phosphates are one of the algae’s favorite snacks, so if your pool has enough, it’ll still be a place where algae want to grow. Phosphates also use up your chlorine faster — something you don’t need help with in Florida’s summer and fall months.

Shock the Pool Once a Week

You’ll want to shock your pool with chemicals weekly for the brightest, shimmering water. You can also do this after a storm or a lot of rainfall. Shocking is something every Florida pool owner will eventually become familiar with, so don’t hesitate to start now if you want crystal-clear water. And remember that since the sun can damage chlorine, it’s best to wait for sundown to shock your pool. 

Clean Out Your Filter

It seems obvious, but cleaning out your pool filter is one of the most impactful maintenance tasks you can do to keep your water clear. 

These filters are experts at removing small debris, oils, and other ick from your pool, keeping your water nice and blue. But they’ll stop being as effective if something gets stuck in them, so checking them ensures they’re still working at peak performance. Your goal should be to clean them monthly and opt for an entirely new filter once a year. 

Enjoy a Crystal-Clear Pool with Calm Waters Pool Maintenance

The only way to get pristine water every day of the year is with professional cleaning services from a qualified company like Calm Waters. Add us to your pool maintenance routine this summer and fall, and see how bright and beautiful your water can be! Call our team today to learn more and schedule services. 

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