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That shimmering blue pool may be a big selling point for you when deciding to purchase a new home, but sometimes all is not as it seems, and underlying issues can end up being a costly headache if you’re not careful.

The easiest way to avoid such issues is to have a pool inspection performed before signing any contracts. Calm Waters is happy to help you get it done.

We offer swimming pool inspection services to ensure that a particular pool is up to code, adequately protected, free of damage or drainage problems, and not in need of repairs. Contact us today to get started or learn more about our pool inspection services.

What Issues Does a Pool Inspector Look for During a Pool Inspection?

When you hire Calm Waters to perform inspections to your pool, you can expect the following elements to be included in your swimming pool inspection.

Adequacy of Protective Barriers

In the state of Florida, all swimming pools must be surrounded by a barrier at least four feet high. This barrier cannot feature any areas where a small child might be able to get in without assistance from an adult. Our pool inspector will ensure that the pool is equipped with proper fencing and that it’s not a liability.

Deck Safety Standard Compliance

All decks must meet a number of pool safety standards to be considered compliant in Florida. These include not exceeding a maximum height, having stair and/or guard rails of a certain height and more. If the pool in your home has a deck around it, we can confirm that it’s safety standard-compliant.

Pool Materials & Equipment Safety/Functionality

Even if everything appears to be working properly, it’s possible that certain pool equipment may be old and unsafe or not fully functional. We’ll check and inspect all pool materials and equipment to make sure it’s safe and functional — that way, you won’t have to find out the hard way later on.

Physical Damage to Pool Structure

Damage to the pool’s structure can potentially reduce its value, open the door to further destruction, or even contribute to accidents. You’ll want to know if there’s any damage present in your pool’s primary surfaces and what you need to do to fix it.

Leaks or Holes in Swimming Pools

Our certified pool inspector can inspect your pool’s lining or pool structure to determine whether there are any leaks or holes that could lead to issues down the line. A pool leak or hole can be easy to miss at first glance, but they can be a serious problem to pools if not addressed.

Drainage & Pool Filter Problems

Water drainage & pool filter problems aren’t something you’re likely to spot on your own, as they generally require a trained eye and multiple uses to catch. With our pool inspections, we can check to see that runoff is being adequately redirected and that you won’t have to deal with costly equipment modifications at an inconvenient time.

Check Other Issues & Needed Repairs

Our pool inspectors can diagnose the need for repairs and carry them out well before they have a chance to turn into potential issues or something far bigger and more costly.

What to Expect During the Inspection

Our inspectors will thoroughly examine all areas of your pool and equipment. Our pool inspection includes the pool shell, deck, pumps, filters, drains, lighting, ladders, rails, skimmers, and more.
The pool inspection typically takes 1-2 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your pool. The inspector will take photos and provide a full written report of their findings.
You’re welcome to follow along during the pool inspection and ask any questions. We want you to fully understand the condition of your pool.

Scheduling Your Inspection

Pool and spa inspections can be scheduled Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Weekend appointments may be available upon request.
Please give at least 48 hours notice to schedule pool inspection. This allows us time to match you with one of our certified inspectors.

After the Inspection

Your full pool inspection report will be sent within 24 hours. This will detail any issues found, recommended repairs, and maintenance tips specific to your pool.
If repairs are recommended, we’re happy to provide a detailed quote for the work. As your local pool service company, we can expertly handle any pool repair or renovation project.
Please reach out with any other questions about your pool inspection or to schedule periodic maintenance visits. We’re here to help keep your pool in top shape!

Why You Need a Pool Inspection in Florida and the South Eastern States

Florida’s sun and heat can degrade pool surfaces faster – The intense sunlight can cause plaster and aggregate pool finishes to etch, stain and discolor more rapidly than in other regions. Inspections look for signs of wear, damage and needed resurfacing.
Equipment corrosion is accelerated – The heat, humidity and chemicals are hard on metal components like pumps, filters and rails. Corrosion that may take years elsewhere can happen in months in Florida. Early detection saves money.
Tropical storm flooding can overwhelm pools – Storm runoff can carry debris that damages pool shells, tiles and copings. Inspectors check for cracks, leaks and other storm-related issues.
Florida’s high water table causes structural issues – With subsurface water so close to the surface, Florida pools are vulnerable to popping out of the ground or sinking if not structurally sound. Inspections reveal any shifting.
Pool codes help prevent drowning and electrical hazards – Strict requirements for barriers, gates, lighting, outlets, covers and drains aim to prevent accidents and electrocution. Inspections confirm compliance.
Florida’s bedrock geology increases sinkhole risk – Sinkholes forming under or near pools can cause rapid structural failure and flooding. Inspectors watch for cracks, shifting and changes that may indicate sinkhole development.
High bather load and usage shortens lifespan – With pools in year-round use, components wear out faster than in seasonal climates. A pool inspections find failing parts before they become big repairs.

Find Out if Your Pool Is Safe with Calm Waters Pool Inspectors

Pool inspection and maintenance services are much more than a just way to avoid costly repairs. They can also help ensure that your swimming pool is safe for you and your loved ones.

There are all kinds of potential hazards around a pool, some of which aren’t always obvious. With the help of the certified pool inspectors at Calm Waters, you can rest assured that your pool is a source of fun and relaxation, not frustration or danger.

Contact us for your pool inspection today!

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