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As any resident with a pool in Jacksonville knows, properly maintaining your pool is essential. Regular cleaning and upkeep helps ensure your pool is always safe and clean for anyone who swims in it.

Calm Waters Pool Services® offers a full range of swimming pool services to maintain the condition of the pool on your property. Whether you own a home with a swimming pool or manage a rental property with a pool for your tenants, we’ll help you take care of your pool.

We offer cleaning services that will help you ensure the pool water remains clean and safe for swimming. Our maintenance services will also help you take better care of your pool’s filter, pump, and other equipment. When you need repairs or replacement equipment, we’ll also help you update your pool with those changes.

No matter your pool maintenance needs, you can count on us for high-quality residential and commercial pool service in Jacksonville, FL.

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Pool Maintenance Services Provided by Calm Waters Pool Services® Team

We provide a full range of swimming pool maintenance services to keep your pool looking great and operating efficiently. Since we have the skills and equipment needed to provide a higher quality of pool maintenance, you can trust that we will take exceptional care of your swimming pool.

This saves you the time and effort of having to keep up with these maintenance requirements yourself. You can leave this work in our hands.

  • Routine pool cleaning
  • Testing pools’ water
  • Equipment inspections
  • Equipment repairs and replacements
  • Chemical ratio & water balancing

Our experienced pool technicians have the specialized knowledge to care for your swimming pool reliably. This experience gives us a keen eye in identifying problems with your swimming pool sooner, allowing you to schedule repairs before any problem worsens.

Pool Water Cleaning Services in Jacksonville, Florida

When you request pool cleaning service from Calm Waters Pool Services®, you’ll receive a thorough cleaning that you can trust. From making sure the water and pool are sparkling clean to looking after the upkeep of the pool deck, we’ll leave you with a pristine pool.

Pool Skimming

Even though you probably skim your pool water on a regular basis, we will also perform this task for you. We’ll use our pool skimmer equipment to remove debris, such as leaves and litter, from the surface of the water.

Surface Brushing

We’ll use pool brushes and other equipment to scrub the walls and floor of your swimming pool. This step is necessary to remove algae, mildew, and other types of fungi growth that could discolor your pool water or pose health hazards to swimmers.

Pool Floor Vacuuming

Skimming the water and brushing the pool’s surfaces could lead to debris sinking and falling to the pool floor. We’ll use our own pool vacuums to clean your pool floor.

Equipment Repair and Replacement

During routine pool maintenance, we will inspect your pool equipment to determine whether it remains in good working condition. If we notice a need to repair or replace a component, we’ll let you know.

There are a few common parts that will need repairs or replacements from time to time, including:

Pool Pumps

When you have a pool pump problem, you might experience frequently tripped circuit breakers or notice that the pump shuts off prematurely. Other signs that you need to repair or replace your pool pump include poor suction, pump leaks, or loud noises coming from the pump.

Water Filters

It’s fairly easy to tell when your pool filter needs attention. A failing filter won’t clean the water properly, leaving a cloudy or murky discoloration in the water. You might also notice that the multi-port valves are leaking. Eventually, this will lead to valve failure.

Pool Heaters

Request pool heater repairs from Calm Waters Pool Services® if you notice inconsistent heating or variations in the pool’s temperature. These changes can ultimately damage the pool’s thermostat, so you may need to replace that unit as well. Another sign of a problem is that the heater might suddenly shut down or give off a strong burning odor.

Benefits of Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Regular Service

There are several reasons to use our professional pool maintenance services. Here are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy when you start scheduling services with us.

Protect the Health of Swimmers

Pool water that isn’t cleaned and tested on a regular basis may become contaminated with a higher concentration of pool chemicals or unwanted bacteria. This can lead to skin and eye irritation. Hair exposed to improperly maintained water might also become brittle and more difficult to manage.

Maintain a Better pH Balance

The pH balance in pools refers to the level of acidity caused by the chemicals. Over time, a high concentration of chemicals can accumulate, leaving the pool water more acidic than it should be on a regular basis. We’ll check the pH balance and adjust the chemical formula to keep the pH levels in your pool properly balanced.

Save on Repair Costs

In addition to causing health problems, acidic pool water can corrode pool components, leading to malfunctions and damage. By letting Calm Waters Pool Services® maintain your pool, you’ll keep these conditions from posing problems. You’ll need fewer pool repairs, and that can save you money on costly replacement parts as well.

Service Areas

Calm Waters Pool Services® can travel to the following areas within the Jacksonville, Florida, region:

  • Arlington
  • Durkeeville
  • Murray Hill
  • Brooklyn
  • Mandarin
  • Ortega
  • Riverside Avondale
  • San Marco
  • Southside
  • Springfield
  • Westside

We encourage any pool owners in these areas to contact us about our swimming pool maintenance services.

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When you need a regular service such as pool cleaning, maintenance, or pool repair, contact Calm Waters Pool Services®. You can call us at 904-712-1925 or email us by using our convenient contact form.

Regular maintenance will help you reduce wear and tear damage on your pool equipment. That means your filtration system and other components will last longer before they need replacing. Calm Waters Pool Services® will help you keep your pool in better condition to ensure you can enjoy it for years to come.

For all of your pool maintenance and cleaning needs, contact Calm Waters team today.

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