Tips for Creating a Regular Pool Maintenance Schedule

A Blue clock on swimming pool edge.

You already know that pool maintenance is essential. But let’s face it: it’s only one thing on a long list of home maintenance tasks that all feel important, and there’s only so much time in the day to get them all done.

It’s common for pool maintenance to play second fiddle to other things you must address in your home. Still, finding a way to keep up with it will help ensure that your pool and family are healthy. Here’s how to make and stick to a pool maintenance schedule that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Break It Down

Because there are so many smaller tasks associated with pool maintenance, it can feel like an endless slog of upkeep that makes you want to give up right when you start. A good way to prevent this is by categorizing maintenance tasks. For instance, you could consider separating tasks into the following groups:

  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks
  • Tasks by type of maintenance (pool water vs. filters)
  • Tasks by importance

Any of these categorizations will work, but the first example is best if you want to see everything at a glance. The last is the optimal choice if you’re struggling to keep any schedule at all. Choose whichever method works for you; it doesn’t matter which you pick as long as you can stick with it.

Know How Long Everything Will Take

Try using a stopwatch while you do your tasks for the first time. Knowing how long each one takes can help you the next time you feel you don’t have the time for it. For example, skimming your pool with a net is a daily task every pool owner should do to keep their pool clean. But many would argue that it takes too long and they should just do it later.

For instance, suppose that you have tracked that pool skimming would only take three to four minutes of your time from start to finish. In that case, there’s less of a barrier to entry, and you’re more likely to keep up with your pool maintenance. Knowing how long each chore takes you can also help you schedule longer tasks so you are more likely to give them the attention they need instead of just rushing through them.

Simplicity Is Key

If you’re already barely hanging by a thread with your pool care, it’s unrealistic to believe you can throw yourself into the deep end of an intense pool maintenance regimen. Do as much as you can to ensure your pool stays clean, but always keep things simple and make the process easy on yourself. You can achieve this aim by keeping a list of what you need to do somewhere that is easily accessible, like on your phone or fridge.

Using a checklist is also beneficial for many pool owners. You can have your tasks separated on different sheets of paper on a clipboard, hang it by your pool chemicals or somewhere else prominent, and check off things as you go.

This organization takes a lot of guesswork out of maintaining your pool. You’ll always know which step you should take next and which member of your household is responsible for completing each task.

Accept the Inevitable

Owning a pool means getting used to doing some upkeep every day. The sooner you come to terms with this, the easier your life will be. You can automate or outsource what you can, but the rest is up to you.

There is some good news, though. Being on top of your pool maintenance with a solid routine means you’re much less likely to run into future problems that could cost a lot to fix. Save yourself the money later by spending the time now; you will be grateful that you did.

Consult Industry Professionals

Your best bet for consistent maintenance is regularly scheduling pool professionals to do your upkeep for you. But you can also use their presence as an opportunity to ask questions and gather information about creating your own cleaning and maintenance routine.

Pool experts can let you know what areas you’re already succeeding in and which ones could use some work. You can then alter your routine accordingly. Industry pros might also have some time-saving tips to help get some of the longer tasks done faster.

Make Calm Waters Part of Your Pool Maintenance Routine

Sometimes, the best way to ensure proper pool maintenance is to have someone else do it — and we volunteer to be that someone else. Call Calm Waters the next time you need pool cleaning or maintenance, and never worry about how your pool is doing again. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment.

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