The Importance of Not Emptying Your Pool Before a Hurricane and How to Prevent Overflow

Debris in a dirty pool after a hurricane in Florida.

When you live in an area where hurricanes are common, gathering as much advice as possible about protecting your home is a good idea. And the good news is there’s a lot of information out there if you know where to look for it.

But as easy as it is to find helpful and well-meaning advice, you’ll just as quickly encounter some misguided facts. An example of something that sounds right but isn’t is hearing you should completely empty your pool before severe weather hits. Even though this might make sense on paper, it can be detrimental to your pool, causing cracks or structural damage.

Why Shouldn’t You Drain Your Pool?

The ground around your pool can become saturated with rain during strong storms. The rain that collects there can put more pressure on your pool and cause it to crack. And with hurricanes notoriously bringing enormous amounts of rainfall, the excess water will likely create some dangerous force around the outside of your pool.

Even above-ground pools won’t see any benefit from being emptied. The weight of the water inside your pool will help keep it in place, which prevents it from sliding away if the weather gets bad enough.

There’s some truth to the notion that an empty pool can prevent you from experiencing overflow. However, it’s not worth the costly repairs and headaches it takes to fix or replace the sections that break. Instead, it’s better to be prepared for hurricanes and protect your pool wherever you can.

What Happens if Your Pool Overflows?

Overflow can contaminate a pool and damage your yard. The excess water travels across your property, carrying bacteria and other organic matter back to your pool. That’s why it’s crucial to prevent overflow. And after heavy rains, make sure to take steps such as removing the excess water and shocking your pool with chemicals to ensure it stays healthy.

Tips to Prevent Overflow

Understandably, homeowners want to avoid overflow as much as possible. It’s part of why the idea that you should drain your pool still circulates wildly as fact. But doing so can be difficult during severe weather. Here are some hurricane pool protection tips to mitigate the possibility of or reduce damage from overflow.

Lower Your Water Level Slightly

If you know a hurricane is coming, you can get ahead by lowering the water level slightly — only a few inches at most. Depending on how much rain you get, this may not be enough to prevent overflow entirely, but it will do something to help keep the storm at bay.

Ensure You Have a Proper Drainage System

Backyards with proper drainage systems are less likely to have problems with overflow from heavy rains. Any homeowners living where hurricanes are a possibility would benefit from investing in a good drainage system.

These systems help keep water from pooling in your yard, limiting the damage done and how much of your yard ends up in your pool. Additional drainage systems around your pool’s perimeter are also well worth it. When combined, you’ll have solid protection from overflow without lifting a finger.

Use a Pool Cover

While pool covers aren’t recommended if the storm promises high winds, there is merit in suggesting a pool cover to prevent overflow. A pool cover could be the easiest way to block rain from entering your pool. However, if you choose this method, ensure you also have a good drainage system to avoid causing any damage.

Schedule Routine Maintenance for Hurricane Pool Protection

Do you know if your pool is ready to handle a hurricane? Understanding where your pool’s health lies is essential for keeping it out of harm’s way during an intense storm.

Call for professional maintenance to ensure your pool and its systems can hold their own in the fray. Hurricane-specific maintenance is especially beneficial, as experts can discuss ways to prevent overflow and figure out systems to help you combat it when the storms finally roll in.

Calm Waters: On the Frontline of Hurricane Pool Protection

Are you dealing with a hurricane-related pool crisis? Whether you’re stressed about future storms or reeling from a recent one, Calm Waters is here to help.

Our pool services include pool repairs, cleaning, and hurricane-specific pool maintenance to ensure that you’re ready for anything. Get in touch today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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