Can the Florida Weather Impact My Pool?

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When it comes to pool maintenance, it’s important to know how the weather can affect your pool’s condition and the water’s quality. While the climate in Florida is relatively mild, there are still things you should do to prepare for the changing seasons. 

Learning how Florida’s climate will impact your pool will help you take care of it during periods of nonuse. 

A Rainy Day Requires Immediate Pool Maintenance

A light sprinkle might not impact the water in your swimming pool, but look out for heavier rainfall or a storm that lasts for hours. In these situations, it’s important to consider how that extra rainwater will affect the chemical makeup of your pool water. The water can get diluted, changing the pH balance or acidity.

If you have a good pool cover, you will want to use it when you expect rainfall. If you don’t have an effective pool cover, test the water immediately after the storm passes. You or your pool care company may need to alter the chemicals in the water to compensate for the extra water.

A Sunny Day Isn’t Always Good for Pool Water Quality

Even though it might be a sunny day, you should still consider the quality of your pool water. Test the chemicals in the water before allowing anyone to use the pool. This is necessary on a sunny day because the sun’s UV rays will break down the chlorine in the water. 

As the outdoor temperature gets hotter, a higher concentration of UV rays will increase the speed at which the chlorine will break down.

Keep an Eye on Your Swimming Pool’s Surfaces

Another way the Florida heat wreaks havoc with your pool maintenance routine is that it creates the perfect environment for algae growth. For algae to thrive, it needs sunlight, heat, and moisture. These are all elements found in a Florida swimming pool.

In addition to routinely checking the pH balance in your pool water, you can prevent algae growth by ensuring the filtration system continues to operate efficiently. Use a pool cleaning service to scrub the walls, floor, deck, and other surfaces in and around the swimming pool. You can also add an algaecide to the pool water.

Check Your Pool’s Water Level

The spring and summer seasons can bring some scorching temperatures. While this weather is great for swimming, it can cause the water in your pool to evaporate. Checking the water regularly as part of a good pool maintenance routine will help you tell when the water level drops before it becomes too noticeable. 

Losing water from your swimming pool can also adversely affect your swimming pool’s chemical content. If your water level is low, you may assume the loss is due to evaporation — but a leak could also cause it. 

Inspecting your pool for leaks is good practice to determine whether you need repairs. In any case, when your water level is low, modify the chemical content in the pool and restore the proper water level.

Watch for Heavy Winds 

Especially in Florida, heavy winds resulting from tropical storms can damage your pool. Conduct a pool maintenance inspection after any period of windy weather. Skim the surface of your pool to remove debris from the water. If you have a pool vacuum, run that device to remove debris on the floor.

Test the pH balance in the pool water as well. In addition to forcing the water out of the pool, heavy winds can leave bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants in the pool water. These contaminants can alter the pH balance in the water.

Finally, take the time to visually check your pool’s pump, filter, and other components. Heavy winds can throw tree branches and other large debris that might damage your pool’s equipment. 

If you check these parts after the wind has died down, it will be easier to identify damage. Run your pool pump through a test cycle to ensure everything is operating well.

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