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Proper maintenance of pools, spas, and hot tubs is key to protecting the health and well-being of family members and friends. This is one of the reasons why using a pool company is important. What should you expect with professional pool service?

To determine the right maintenance plan for a pool, spa or hot tub it is critical that all equipment and plumbing are functioning properly. A thorough inspection will provide a pool owner a list of underperforming components, repairs that need to be addressed and in some cases components that are starting to fail and need to be replaced. A professional pool maintenance company will provide a report of their findings and in most cases the proposed costs associated with getting your equipment performing properly. When the repairs are completed a plan can be implemented that will keep your pool safe and healthy for many days of family enjoyment.

A professional pool maintenance company should develop a plan for servicing your pool weekly. In geographic locations where there are seasonal changes maintenance plans will include closing your system down in the Winter and opening it back up in the Spring.

You should expect the following work to be done weekly:

  • Skimming water surface of debris
  • Brushing vertical sides of concrete pools
  • Vacuuming all flat surfaces
  • Empty skimmer baskets and automatic pool vacuum bags
  • Water testing for proper balance and chemical adjustments as necessary
  • A quick look at your mechanical and plumbing components for normal operation

Finally, at the completion of each maintenance visit you should receive a list of what the technician did and a report of any items that are showing signs of failure. It’s important to remember that all of your pool equipment and plumbing need to work in harmony. If one component is not operating properly it can stress other parts of your system and potentially lead to costly repairs. Look for a maintenance company that includes preventative maintenance as a critical part of their weekly visits. The ultimate goal of professional pool service companies is to make sure your pool is always safe and healthy to entertain family and friends.

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