Pool Maintenance Tips for the Spring

homeowner dropping chlorine tablets into his out of the ground pool

Spring is in full swing, which means summer is on the horizon. Is your pool ready for the warmer weather? Pool maintenance is essential to pool ownership, but it’s easy to forget if you aren’t using your pool in the cooler months. Don’t worry; with these simple maintenance tips, you’ll be ready to spring into pool weather in no time.

Give It a Chlorine Care Package

Swimming pools naturally attract bacteria, even when you aren’t using them. And since many homeowners won’t use their pools during the off-season, they’ll sometimes skip a chlorine treatment. 

It makes sense that you wouldn’t want to waste chlorine if you won’t be taking a dip anytime soon, but you should still start your seasonal care by shocking the pool with sanitizing chemicals like chlorine.

Clean the Cover

If the pool is where all the bacteria love hanging out, the cover is the line outside the club where the rest eagerly wait to get in. Pool covers also harbor lots of bacteria, and while the cover does a great job of keeping unwanted guests out, the microorganisms are still there, waiting patiently for their moment to get in. 

Take a moment to clean and sanitize your swimming pool cover; it usually won’t take long, but it dramatically impacts your pool’s look and health.

Check for Any Needed Repairs

Since you’re already checking in with your pool in spring, you may want to see if it needs professional attention. This season is ideal for routine tune-ups. Handling repairs before warm weather can prevent you from encountering issues when you want to use your pool. 

You can check hardware like steps and ladders to ensure they’re secure. But it can be challenging to recognize an underlying issue yourself, so it’s always best to schedule professional pool maintenance to cover all your bases.

Open Up When You’re Ready

Algae often wants you to wait for the perfect summer day to open your swimming pool. By then, it will be done, expanding its influence throughout your pool, rendering the pool unusable until you address the bloom. 

Opening your pool early if the weather permits and applying algaecides and other chemicals can stunt growth from pesky microorganisms. The cooler water is less desirable for algae and bacteria growth, discouraging them from ever being a problem this season.

Clear the Area

Many homeowners already have some landscaping projects sitting on their spring cleaning list. But remember to check the area around your swimming pool if it’s not on your radar. 

Trimming overgrown trees or shrubs near your swimming pool can help keep debris at bay, making cleaning much more manageable. And give the surrounding yard a good rake, too, so no leaves find their way into the pool when you open for the season. 

Natural debris can carry bacteria along with it, so taking preventive measures is always a smart move.

Make Adjustments

You want to take a great interest in your pool’s chemistry. A good balance of suitable cleaning chemicals is crucial to keeping your pool — and those who enjoy it — healthy and happy. You may need to adjust your pool’s equipment settings or chemical levels at the start of spring. 

You probably haven’t been testing the pH and chlorine levels during winter, so it’s time to do so now. These tests will help ensure that the water quality is safe and healthy. You can administer this test yourself, but hiring a professional for your pool maintenance is generally a more thorough and accurate way to get this information.

Prepare for the Deep Clean

Some gentle maintenance to parts like your pump and filter can go a long way. There’s a good chance it’s time to replace your filter, but if it’s still in good shape, you should ensure it gets clean. 

But it’s not enough to wipe some things off and add chemicals to clean your pool. You want to get to every nook and cranny of the pool to remove debris and grime; for that, you’ll need a vacuum and a brush. 

This task is complicated and time-consuming to do without help, so a professional pool cleaning will likely be a better route for many homeowners.

Start Summer Off Right with Professional Pool Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to get serious about maintaining your pool, and Calm Waters is here to take the task off your hands. We provide full-service maintenance, ensuring a thorough and expert approach to keeping your pool clean and protected. Reach out to us today to schedule your pool maintenance visit.

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