Pool Heater Troubleshooting: When to Call a Pool Repair Company

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Having a swimming pool on your property offers a convenient way to enjoy the water on hot summer days. However, your ability to use your swimming pool relies on how well you look after the pool’s systems. 

In particular, there are many different parts that comprise your pool’s heater. If any part of that heater malfunctions, you won’t be able to heat your pool water properly.  

Avoid Pool Repair Issues with Routine Maintenance

As a general rule, you should schedule maintenance for your swimming pool on a weekly basis. This service includes checking the water level, cleaning the water and pool surfaces, and checking the water’s chemical content. Your pool technician will also inspect the components of the pool’s systems for proper operation.

Regular maintenance from a professional pool company will ensure the pool water is clean and safe for swimming. Without maintenance, the pH level or other chemical attributes can become too high or too low, contributing to health problems for swimmers.

Another important reason to keep up with pool maintenance is that it will help your pool care technician identify problems sooner. They will notice when specific components, such as your pool’s heater, are developing problems. This can help you schedule repairs while they can still be completed inexpensively and expediently. 

Know When to Call a Pool Repair Company to Fix Your Heater

Whether you use a gas or electric pool heater, knowing the common causes of pool repair issues is important. If you can recognize when these problems are occurring, you can call your pool repair company for help. Since these repairs typically require training and specific tools, it’s best to call a professional when you do need pool heater repairs.

Low Water Pressure

A pool heater that seems to shut off as soon as it starts a cycle indicates poor water pressure. You can confirm that this is the problem by looking at the error code on the system’s readout. If it says “Flo” or “Lo/Hi,” you’ll need a technician to find out why the water pressure has dropped.

Electrical Power Issues

If your heater is kicking off right away and poor water pressure isn’t the problem, there might be an interruption in the flow of energy. Tripped breakers or a short in the connections could be interrupting the energy flow. You’ll need a qualified technician to check for these electrical pool repair issues.

Thermostat Issues

If your water heater seems to be malfunctioning, make sure the thermostat is set correctly. If the thermostat setting is equal to the temperature of the pool water, it won’t tell the pool heater to kick on. 

You’ll want to make sure the thermostat is set higher to engage the heater. As a result, the water pumped into the pool will be at a warmer temperature than the water already in your swimming pool.

Poor Pool Pump Performance

A malfunctioning pool pump or one with insufficient power may not push enough water to the pool heater. Your pool repair company can help you upgrade to a variable-speed pool pump that will meet your needs. 

When compared to single and double-speed pumps, a variable-speed pump operates more efficiently. It can meet changing demands and lasts considerably longer.

Incorrectly Connected Plumbing Valves

This is an issue that’s more likely to occur with your first use of your swimming pool since it’s caused by incorrect connections. A wrong or loose connection can interrupt water flow or send water in the wrong direction. This is one of the first problems your pool repair technician will check for.

Pilot Light Issues

Much like a gas water heater inside your home, a gas pool heater relies on a pilot light for proper operation. If the pilot light is out, try lighting it. If it repeatedly extinguishes — or if you can’t light it at all — you’ll need a technician to look for possible pool repair issues. There may be problems with the sensor, gas valve, or heater.

Dark Exhaust

Call a pool repair company immediately if you see dark exhaust coming from your pool heater. This indicates that the heater is running too hot. Possible causes of this problem include issues with the gas pressure or the heater vents.

Rusted or Damaged Parts

There might be a pool heater problem that you can’t easily see. If internal components have rusted or have been otherwise damaged, the heater won’t work properly. Your pool technician can identify which parts will need replacing to fix your heater problem.

Trust the Swimming Pool Experts

Calm Waters provides comprehensive swimming pool care, including all the maintenance and repair services you need. We’ll help you keep your pool in great condition and ensure that it’s ready for heavy summertime use. Contact us today to request service for your swimming pool.

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