Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Pool Heater

A pool maintenance and repair man repairing a pool heater pump.

It’s normal to need to adjust to your pool’s temperature every time you take a dip. But if your teeth are constantly chattering when you go for a swim, there could be something wrong with your pool heater. There are several signs that indicate it could be time to have your pool heater repaired or replaced.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Pool Heater

Pool heater repairs can range from minor to major, but usually, when you notice these issues, the heater is still salvageable. Here are some signs that you could use a repair but not necessarily a replacement.

Water Temperature Won’t Get Warm Enough

Inconsistent temperatures are a trademark problem with broken pool heaters. And since this is likely the most noticeable issue every time you jump in your pool, it’ll probably be the one that gets you to call a professional the quickest.

The Heater Short Cycles

Short cycling is when the heater turns rapidly on and off because it struggles to get the water to the correct temperature. This issue typically occurs when there is inadequate water flow to the pool heater or you have a dirty filter or blocked valve. It’s an annoying problem and one that can be endlessly frustrating for a pool owner to handle. Still, it’s usually fixable if you get help early enough.

Strange Noises or Smells

All pool heaters make occasional sounds. But any unusual ruckus or scents, especially burnt smells, coming from your pool heater is a cause for concern.

Trust your gut on this one. You probably know what is normal and what isn’t for your pool heater, so don’t hesitate to call for repairs if you’re suspicious.

And don’t forget to turn off your heater for added safety.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Pool Heater

Often, pool heater replacements happen because all machines eventually need to be replaced. However, sometimes, it’s because pool owners don’t handle their repairs fast enough. And there are also some circumstances when it just makes more sense financially to replace your pool heater rather than repair it. Here’s what to look out for.

The Heater Doesn’t Turn On

Can some pool heaters that have trouble turning on be repaired? Yes, but it’s not exactly a good sign. Once you’ve ruled out any issues with the power connection, you can check the panel to see if the heater offers any insight into the problem. Any indicators of internal issues will need the help of a technician. And if your pool heater is on the older side, upgrading to a newer one might be the more cost-effective solution for you.

You’re Constantly Struggling With Repairs

The sunken-cost fallacy suggests that no matter how far gone something is, it can be in human nature to keep holding on if you’ve invested enough money or time into it. This phenomenon can happen with anything, including your pool heater.

If you constantly spend money on extra repairs and maintenance, you should probably save yourself the hassle and replace your pool heater. There’s little chance your system is operating at peak efficiency if it needs that much attention.

You’ve Changed How and When You Use Your Pool

This situation differs from the others in that there won’t necessarily be anything wrong with your system to merit a replacement. Still, you’d benefit from getting something that matches your swimming habits.

If you want to swim later into the season or more often, you might find that your current system can’t keep up. But often, you just need a newer system capable of giving you exactly what you need.

The Bottom Line: Repair or Replace?

There are a lot of overlapping issues between potential pool heater repairs and replacements, so much so that you’ll need a professional to diagnose your system and determine the best course of action. As a general rule, however, you’ll typically repair short-term problems like sudden or noticeable damage. And replace systems that have you dealing with similar issues long-term, even after repeated repair attempts.

Pool Heater Maintenance, Repair, and Replacements for a Better Swimming Season

Calm Waters Pool Services is here for you if you’re struggling with your pool heater’s performance. We offer repairs and replacements, and our technicians can help you determine which one you need so you can be back in a comfortably warm pool in no time. Contact the Calm Waters Pool Services team today to schedule one of our services.

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