Preparing Your Pool for the Off-Season and Avoiding Costly Repairs

Manual real for a retractable floating pool cover to keep out leaves and keep in heat.

As the warmth of summer slowly changes into cooler fall days, it’s time to begin closing your pool for the winter. Properly winterizing it can prevent costly repairs when the swimming season rolls around again. However, some pools require year-round maintenance.

It takes considerable effort to maintain a pool, but it is a necessary process that saves you time and money. Whether this is your initial experience closing it or you’re a pool cleaning expert, brushing up on your pool winterization is helpful.

Why You Need Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Caring for your pool, even during the cooler months, is necessary for many reasons. It maintains the water quality and ensures the longevity of equipment and accessories. Preparing your pool also protects its surfaces. When you neglect your pool during the off-season, you’ll likely experience many problems in the springtime.

The potential issues you could face are:

  • Algae overgrowth
  • Damaged pool tiles
  • Broken pumps and other equipment

Preparing your pool for the off-season is a cost-effective way of preventing annoying expenses at the start of the next pool season.

Maintenance That Prepares Your Pool for the Off-Season

Whether you have a large in-ground or small above-ground pool, you must winterize it. Avoid problems and damage by taking your time to prepare for the upcoming cold weather.

Pool Cleaning

Every pool winterization begins with a thorough cleaning. Use a pool brush to scrub every surface, from the walls to the floor. Get into as many nooks and crannies as possible to loosen any debris and algae spores that settle. You can even do this every week throughout winter to minimize buildup.

If your water has turned green, use an algae brush to prevent it from taking root. Finish the cleaning by vacuuming all the dirt to create a spotless, clean pool. Placing a cover over it will make pool cleaning more manageable when you’re ready to open it at the beginning of next summer.

Balance and Treat the Water

Balancing and treating pool water is an important step. When the water chemistry is unbalanced, it leads to expensive repairs over time. During winter, balance your pool water at least once a week and add an algaecide to eliminate existing algae and prevent more from developing.

Clean and Store Pool Accessories

You must remove ladders, handrails, and diving boards from the water. Clean and thoroughly dry them before storing them in a safe place. Keeping them in a dry building prevents damage from the cold weather. Floaties, toys, and pool cleaning equipment must also be kept dry to maintain their good condition for the next season.

Invest in a High-Quality Pool Cover

By design, a pool cover keeps out leaves, debris, snow, animals, and dirt. They also block the sun from stimulating algae growth. If you routinely remove debris from the cover and inspect underneath it, you can verify nothing fell into the pool.

A monthly inspection of your pool cover makes reopening the pool easier. You won’t have months of debris to remove or find an unwanted surprise under it.

Protect Your Equipment

Even if your pool has a cover, it becomes contaminated with dirt, leaves, and insects. Periodically check the filter gauge and clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. When spring arrives, it will be ready to go.

Blowing out the lines is another important step you won’t want to miss. As the temperature drops, it increases the chances of your lines bursting. You can drain these tubes by attaching an air blower to the pool’s main drain and blowing air into the pipes.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Consider having a professional inspection before officially closing your pool for the off-season. A qualified pool technician can look for and identify problems to address before they lead to more significant repairs. Professional technicians also provide guidance on properly closing your pool and tips for preventing damage.

Schedule Pool Maintenance With Calm Waters

Preparing your pool for the off-season is a key part of routine maintenance. Cleaning your pool, storing accessories, and winterizing the plumbing will prevent repairs and ensure your pool is ready to keep you cool when the next swimming season begins.

At Calm Waters, we help homeowners prepare their pools for the upcoming cold weather. Call us today to learn more about how we can help!

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