Automated vs. Manual Pool Cleaning: Pros and Cons

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Consistent pool cleaning will keep everything from physical debris to bacterial contaminants from affecting the quality of the water. However, manually cleaning your pool can be a time-consuming process that feels like a nuisance. 

But before investing in an automatic pool cleaner, look at what you can and can’t expect from this device. 

What Are the Pros of Automatic Pool Cleaning Devices?

Automatic pool cleaners are growing in popularity because they come with several key benefits compared to manual cleaning.

Saves Time

A pressure-side pool cleaner attaches to your pump, while a suction-side cleaner attaches to your filtration system. A robotic pool cleaner gets its power from an extension cord. Regardless of the type of automatic pool cleaner you choose, each one of these models will do all of the work for you.

Conversely, a manual pool vacuum requires a greater investment of time. Every week, you will spend time vacuuming all of your pool’s surfaces by hand. If saving time is your goal, an automatic cleaner is the better option.

Reduces Labor

When using an automatic pool cleaning device, there’s very little physical labor involved. Aside from attaching the device to its power source and placing it in the water, you won’t play a role in cleaning the pool. Just remember to remove the device from the water and disconnect it when the pool is clean.

A manual cleaner isn’t as productive on its own. You’ll still need to physically guide the vacuum. If you don’t properly maneuver the vacuum, you could miss debris on the pool’s floor. 

Keeps Larger Pools Cleaner

You’ll maximize the advantages of using an automatic pool cleaner when you have a large swimming pool. That’s because an automatic unit can do more to keep the pool’s surfaces clean without taking up more of your time. Once you connect and activate the unit, you can leave it to work for as long as it takes to clean the pool.

When you manually vacuum the pool, you’ll spend significantly more time on the task. You might get tired or simply miss important areas as you vacuum the pool. Since this process takes longer, it will reduce the time you have to enjoy your use of the pool.

The Cons of Automatic Pool Cleaning Devices

Every type of automatic cleaner comes with certain drawbacks. In determining whether an automatic cleaner is right for you, consider these cons.

Higher Maintenance Costs

Even manual pool cleaning devices require some level of maintenance and care. However, more sophisticated devices will require greater care. 

In addition to needing a higher level of maintenance, it’s important to remember that automatic pool cleaners cost more to repair. An automated pool cleaner isn’t the best option when it comes to saving money on your overall pool care costs.

Lower Accuracy

Even though an automatic pool cleaner might have a programmable route, it’s still likely to miss small areas. This means all of the debris won’t get removed from the pool’s surfaces. Overall, an automatic cleaner does a less thorough job. Even if you run the unit a second time, it could still miss debris.

Alternatively, manual pool cleaning puts the quality of cleaning the pool under your control. If you’re dedicated to ensuring the pool is properly cleaned, you can spend extra time focusing on problem areas. You can also follow your own route to ensure you cover every section of the pool’s surfaces.

Missed Surfaces

Pressure-side and suction-side cleaners can’t clean the walls and steps in your swimming pool. Most automatic pool cleaners will only clean debris from the floor of the pool. The walls and stairs are equally important areas to cover since algae and debris can accumulate just as easily in these areas. 

When you manually vacuum your pool, you can cover every surface, including the walls and steps. You’ll also have the ability to vacuum hard-to-reach areas that an automatic pool cleaner will miss. Manual pool cleaning gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you thoroughly cleaned every part of your swimming pool.

Turn to High-Quality Pool Cleaning Services

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