Pool Technology for Homeowners

Pool Automation Technology

Owning a pool can be time consuming. Hiring a pool service company takes the hassle out of maintenance and repair for you. Additionally, by working with a professional pool company you will have access to the latest trends in pool technology to keep your pool in the best condition as well as upgrading older pools. Some of the latest state-of-the-art technology for pool care includes:

UV Water Purification

This is a great alternative to chlorine. The ultraviolet light eliminates microorganisms by targeting harmful bacteria and alters their DNA so they cannot reproduce.

Ozone Oxidation

Ozone is a terrific disinfection agent for residential pools. It eliminates the need for chlorine and bromide and destroys inorganic materials.

Variable Speed Pumps

Pumps are the heart of the pools system. Variable speed pumps allow you to control the speed, dialing it up to power water features like spa jets and down when the pool is not in use. In addition, variable speed pumps will save energy costs versus ordinary pumps and help keep pool water properly balanced.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Unlike ordinary automatic pool cleaners, today’s robotic products can clean the base, walls, and steps of your pool. Many of the robotic cleaners are Energy Star rated, can clean most pools in 3 hours and will save operating costs. Another great advantage of robotic cleaners is that they offer smart features allowing you to control them through your pool automation applications.

Smart Water Monitors

In lieu of manually testing your water these smart devices do all the work for you. They are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled and take daily measurements of your pool’s health and send the results to your phone. Most can measure your pool’s pH and sanitizer levels, while some also determine hardness (calcium), TDS (total dissolved solids), and alkalinity levels. A few monitors advise you as to how much of each chemical you need to properly balance your pool water.

Pool Automation

This gives you complete one-touch control of your pool and spa environment. It allows your pump, lights, spa, robotic cleaner and other functions to turn on and off at designated times. Pool automation is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to monitor your pools system from home or on a mobile device.

A professional pool company can be your single source for personalized residential pool management for cleaning, repair, and pool technology upgrades. By leaving the work to pool technicians you can be assured that your pool, spa, or hot tub will be operating properly and safely for your family and friends anytime.  

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