Should You Get a Pool Inspection? Here’s What You Should Know!

pool after an inspection with clear blue water

When you start shopping around for homes, there is usually one feature that makes you do a double take — for many people; it’s the swimming pool. It’s always exciting to envision yourself in a shimmering blue pool, drifting slowly on a lazy afternoon. But before you can turn that vision into a reality, you’ll want to know what kind of state the pool is really in. 

Many homeowners opt for a pool inspection. It’s the easiest way to know if the pool is safe and ready for use. Do you need to call for a pool inspection? Here’s what an inspection entails and why prospective home buyers say it isn’t worth the risks.

What Is a Pool Inspection?

Much like you would schedule an inspection for your home’s foundation or circuitry, you should consider a pool inspection to determine any outstanding issues with the pool. 

It’s not enough to look at a pool and see if something lurks beneath the surface. Swimming pools can have countless issues that are hard to pinpoint — until it’s too late and you need more costly repairs.

A pool inspector will have a vast knowledge of swimming pools and local and state safety regulations. They’ll usually start by taking a closer look at the pool’s condition, often investigating things like:

  • Water levels
  • Cracks in concrete or pool deck
  • Safety hazards, including issues with gates and fences
  • Water features
  • Electrical in the surrounding area
  • Pool drains, skimmers, and basket
  • Grout and tiles

This list is a sample of what an inspector will comb through to ensure your pool is safe. While many of these issues can be more cosmetic, inspectors also focus on the pool’s functionality. They’ll check the pumps, filters, pipes, heaters, and other equipment that help keep the pool water clean and up to code.

The average home inspector often doesn’t have the credentials to perform a proper pool inspection, so you’ll want to contact a company that specializes in them. These licensed experts can evaluate the pool more thoroughly so you get a better idea of what kind of shape it’s in.

When the inspector finishes, you’ll have a full report shortly afterward detailing everything they find. A true professional pool company will provide honest feedback and walk through it with you to help you develop a plan of action. 

Hiring a reputable inspector is the best way to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth and not just someone who knows how to tick off boxes.

When to Call for a Pool Inspection

If you own a pool and you’ve never had an inspection, it’s wise to call for a professional to get a read on your pool’s health. But there are many other scenarios where contacting a pool inspection company would be smart.

Buying a Home

Do yourself a favor and call for a pool inspection before committing to a home. Take the extra time to pause and learn more about the pool’s condition. Otherwise, you might sign off on a damaged or unusable pool. That’s an issue no new homeowner ever wants to add to their to-do list right from the jump.

Selling a Home

The same logic applies if you want to sell your home. If you want to attract buyers who feel they can trust you, it’s good to get everything in your home in working order, including your pool.

Safety Concerns

Feel free to call for help if you ever worry about your pool being safe enough to use. It’s best to avoid using the pool until you’ve called for backup to double-check your concerns.

Problems with Aesthetics or Performance

Even if your pool is safe, you could still be side-eyeing it because of leaks or cracking. If the pool isn’t looking or acting like it once did, you should schedule a pool inspection to get to the bottom of it. Many performance or looks-related issues could indicate a more extensive issue, so staying on top of it makes sense.

Ready for Your Inspection? We’re on Our Way

Calm Waters wants everyone to feel comfortable and confident that their pool is fit for fun in the sun. We’ll confirm that your pool is up to code and check if you need any repairs or additional maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive swimming pool inspection.

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