Eco-Friendly Pool Maintenance Practices for Florida Residents

pool that didnt get weekly maintenance and turned green

Many homeowners are adopting eco-friendly practices throughout their homes. For Florida homeowners specifically, this includes eco-friendly pool maintenance. But how can homeowners go green while incorporating sustainable practices when possible? Here are some tips to keep your pool clean and carbon footprint in the green.

Why Sustainability in Pool Maintenance Is Important

Aside from the personal responsibility of contributing to environmental conservation, there are additional benefits to adopting eco-friendly pool maintenance practices. The most notable is that lowering your energy consumption means you’ll spend less on energy costs. And since pools can be costly to run in Florida, where the swim season doesn’t always stop, this is a major boon to your pocketbook.

Sustainable practices also tend to leave the water healthier. Proper use of environmentally friendly chemicals makes for an overall better swimming experience while still ensuring your pool is in tip-top condition.

Solar Power

Solar-powered panels are all the rage for good reason. Turning to solar power is a way to harness free energy from the sun! But solar panels are even more of a no-brainer if you consider installing one for your pool.

Solar-powered heaters will slash your pool’s power consumption by a surprising amount. Florida’s known as the Sunshine State, so why not put some of that sunshine to good use and save yourself on energy expenses while helping the planet?

Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Equipment

Modern pool equipment is about energy efficiency, saving people money, and reducing overall energy consumption. Look for energy-efficient vacuums and pool pumps when upgrading your pool.

Energy Star-certified products are your best bet since these have been through rigorous testing to ensure they’re as energy-saving as they claim to be. Even if you don’t have energy-efficient equipment or don’t plan to upgrade yours soon, you can see if adding a timer to your pump system is feasible. 

Reducing the time your pump runs can significantly lower its energy requirements, but manually turning it on and off again isn’t realistic. The timer takes care of this for you, ensuring your water is adequately filtered without going overboard.

Proper Pool Cleaning

Keeping your pool clean will also keep your conscience clean. Going too long between cleaning your pool means filters and pumps become caked in dirt and grime. The dirtier these components are, the harder your systems work and the more energy you consume. 

Investing in a robotic pool cleaner is an excellent way to ensure your pool is always clean. These automatic cleaners don’t just simplify the cleaning process by removing you from the equation. They can also often lower the need to add too many chemicals to your pool. You’ll probably also clean and change your filters less often, so they’re a fantastic, multi-faceted way to keep your pool impossibly clean.

Eco-Friendly Products

Pool chemicals are vital to keeping the water in your pool clean and bacteria-free. But many chemicals aren’t exactly kind to the environment should they find their way out of your pool. And even more aren’t made with green practices in mind.

But like with all other industries, the pool supply manufacturers have introduced several eco-friendly pool cleaning products you can use. While there will not always be a one-for-one substitute for chemicals like chlorine, choosing eco-friendly products that still work as well as their less environmentally-friendly counterparts is extraordinarily simple!

Consult the Professionals

If you’re a new pool owner or aren’t sure how to adapt your current system to be more environmentally friendly, start with an inspection from a certified pool inspector. Not only will these inspections tell you everything you need to know about your pool’s health, but it’s also the perfect time to ask questions about how you can make your current system more energy efficient.

The pool expert will likely suggest multiple avenues, from upgrading systems to simpler things you can do without much intervention. Calling for pool maintenance is also an excellent way to ensure your pool works efficiently. Not even the most energy-efficient sustainable systems are safe from the wear and tear that could make them energy-hungry.

Professional Pool Maintenance for the Eco-Conscious

If you’re considering upgrading your pool systems or want to learn more about having an eco-friendly pool, Calm Waters is here to show you how. We offer personalized pool services, including cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and inspections to keep your pool healthy and your carbon footprint low. Contact our team today to learn more about our services. We’ll steer you into clearer waters!

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