The Dangers of Neglecting Pool Maintenance in Florida

a dirty deep end of a pool in florida that was neglected during the winter

Every homeowner has that moment of weakness when they think they can skip pool maintenance just one time. And maybe once is passable. But if you make it a habit, you’ll realize that frequently maintaining and cleaning your pool is vital for many reasons. Here’s what can happen if you don’t prioritize swimming pool care.


An unclean, unkempt swimming pool can turn a fun summer activity into petri dish diving. There’s even a term for illnesses you can get from pools and spas: recreational water illnesses (RWIs). RWIs can manifest in many ways, like ear infections, respiratory infections, rashes, diarrhea, or eye and lung irritability. 

Keeping your pool clean and balancing it with the proper chemicals like chlorine is essential for keeping your chances of contracting RWIs low. Otherwise, the unclean pool becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that can get into your ear, nose, and throat when you dive beneath the surface. 

Rashes are more associated with hot tub use, but the bacteria strain that causes it can also show up in swimming pools. Consistent cleaning and balancing the pH will ensure that these illnesses don’t stand a chance of multiplying in your swimming pool and ruining your summer fun.

Expensive Repairs

Cleaning and maintaining your pool will save you money. And one of the more significant ways it can keep more money in your pocket is by helping you avoid costly repairs. Neglected swimming pools are more likely to have debris or buildup that can damage or clog certain parts like the filter or drain. It’s sometimes utterly avoidable, even with the right amount of care, and it’s an expensive thing to fix. 

Your goal should be to call pool maintenance and care professionals to help your pool stay clean. They’ll detail a pool with an expert eye, removing any buildup or residue on the walls, pump, or any other part of the pool. Regular maintenance and cleaning visits can keep repairs at bay so you can use your pool confidently and hang on to your hard-earned money.


Unclean pools aren’t nice to look at. It’s usually apparent when a pool isn’t safe to enter. Many will turn green from algae buildup or look cloudy and murky. The problem worsens if the water gets a lot of sunlight combined with higher temperatures, as that’s the perfect environment for algae to thrive. Pools with this look aren’t very inviting, so you likely won’t be having a pool party any time soon. 

You should call for backup from pool maintenance professionals if you notice your pool turning green. They’ll often have the right solution to get the water crystal clear in no time and provide you with tactics to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future. 

Longevity Issues

A well-maintained pool will serve you for decades. However, pools that aren’t cared for can slash a pool’s life expectancy in half. Unkempt pools will fade from constant etching and chipping from the unbalanced chemicals, algae, and debris. This degradation can destroy your pool slowly. 

And since pools are such an enormous investment, taking the time to care for them properly is essential so you aren’t shelling out an astronomical amount of money for a replacement prematurely. It’s also why pool service is vital, ensuring you have a safe pool to use years down the line.

Safety Hazards

Buildup or algae isn’t just problematic because of how unhygienic it is or how bad it looks. It can also be a safety issue. The dirt, oils, and other organic matter in dirty water can make your steps or ladders slippery, and cause falls. If you go long enough with maintenance, the pool structure can deteriorate, making it even more dangerous.

You can easily mitigate this concern by keeping your pool clean and the chemicals within proper ratios. While this might not seem like an issue if you aren’t using your pool very much, even one dip could cause a terrible slip and fall — something that isn’t worth the risk. If you’re concerned about your pool’s health, professional cleaning and maintenance can help keep you protected from bacteria and injuries associated with unkempt pools.

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