Common Issues Found During Florida Pool Inspections and How to Address Them

testing the waters during a pool inspection.

Pools are an incredible asset to any home, but they’re especially beneficial for Florida homeowners. It’s nice to have something that helps keep you cool and boosts your property value. 

But like many other things on your property, your pool requires maintenance. A pool inspection is a type of maintenance that helps you diagnose any potential issues with your pool.

If you’ve recently had an inspection that uncovered a few issues, don’t sweat it: many common problems have simple fixes. However, even if the fixes are straightforward, it doesn’t mean the issues aren’t serious. Here’s how you can handle them to get your pool operating safely and efficiently again.

Safety Hazards

One of the more problematic findings is safety hazards. These need your immediate attention, as failing to fix them could cause you or a loved one to get injured. A safety hazard could be anything from a slippery pool deck to not having fencing around your pool.

Finding these issues is why having a pool inspection is so vital. You might not initially realize that a lack of proper lighting would be a problem until someone is in danger, so a professional eye can help you rectify the issue before it gets to that point.

Your inspector should point out where the hazards are and guide you on the best ways to fix them. Some might be obvious, like adding ample lighting or a fence, but others might not be, like adding a non-slip coating to a pool deck.

Water Quality and Chemical Issues

Pool maintenance consists of many tasks, but balancing out your pool’s chemicals is one of the most important. A chemical imbalance in your pool can cause many issues. Some seem primarily cosmetic, like cloudy water, while others, like bacterial growth, can affect a swimmer’s health.

Either way, issues with your water quality aren’t great news for any Florida pool owner. Calling for a pool inspection can steer you in a better direction if your chemical regimen needs tweaking. And better yet, it can alleviate any issues in the water chemistry to make your pool safer.

While the inspector will initially help you with your pool chemicals, it’ll be up to you to keep up with their suggested plan. You may need to buy different or additional chemicals. 

Damaged Equipment

A pool inspection will cover all the bases, including checking essential equipment like pumps and filters. Many homeowners might now have issues with these systems and not realize it. But with the help of a professional, they can uncover the malfunctioning equipment and find a fix.

Some of these equipment problems can snowball into other issues as well. For example, a malfunctioning chlorination system will impact the pool’s chemistry. An inspector will help you rebalance your chemicals and employ a fix to stop the problem at the cause.

Drainage Issues

Pools that don’t have proper drainage can cause severe damage to your property. The excess water can chip away at the structural integrity of your pool, wreak havoc on your landscape, and create issues with the pool’s water quality.

Drainage issues are especially concerning for Florida pool owners since heavy rainfalls from storms or hurricanes can amplify the problem exponentially. Fortunately, a pool inspection will identify any drainage issues, and the inspector can help you devise a plan to better control the water runoff.

Pool Damage

Damage to the pool itself is less common than some of these other issues, but it can still go undetected by homeowners for far too long. Loose tiles or cracks in the pool’s infrastructure can spell disaster if left unchecked. Cracks usually mean that the water will seep into your soil, causing structural problems. 

However, not all pool damage is as serious as a crack in the structure. That’s why inspections are vital — they give context to your pool problems so you know how serious they are.

The only way to address damage to the pool is by calling in professionals, and the sooner you call, the better. Otherwise, a simple fix might cost you more than you bargained for.

Expect the Best With a Calm Waters Pool Inspection

Pools are meant to be enjoyed, not worried about. The Calm Waters team knows how important it is to keep your pool clean and healthy so you can use it whenever possible. If you’re overdue for a pool inspection or have an issue you’d like to solve, contact us today!

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